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You want to reach as many consumers in your target markets as possible, don’t you? That means it’s vital to use many types of marketing. One that is popular and growing is Bing PPC Ads.

Bing sometimes gets a bad reputation because people think of it as ‘the other search engines.’ But just because Google dwarfs it doesn’t mean no one uses it, though.

Bing receives about 7% of search engine traffic worldwide, including at least 20% in the United States. That’s still millions of users, no matter what Google ads campaigns is doing!

Great news! You can target Bing users today by using its PPC marketing program that works like Google AdWords. Below is more information about how to launch and operate your Bing campaign.

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Create Your Account

Ready to get going? Cool! You just need to create an account at Microsoft Bing Ads and click ‘Sign Up.’ The process to set up your account is fast and easy.

After you’ve registered, Bing should offer you the chance to import your AdWord marketing efforts from Google. This makes setting up your Bing account simple. So, you don’t need to spend time recreating ad campaigns that have worked on AdWords.

If you haven’t done PPC before, you’ll need to start a new campaign. That’s pretty simple, too.

Doing Keyword Research

The bing ads management campaigns are similar to great SEO because keywords drive them.

Think about how consumers look for information on the Internet. They put keywords into Bing or Google and see the results. You need to target consumers who look for keywords in your target niche.

For instance, if your website sells inexpensive blue jeans, you’ll need to look for consumers who shop online for ‘cheap blue jeans.’ When you use those keywords in your campaign, you’ll target consumers looking for what you’re selling.

That’s a critical point. You might think about putting an ad out for people who are simply looking for ‘blue jeans,’ but that keyword phrase doesn’t sound like they have the intent to buy. They could just be looking for popular blue jeans styles.

Keyword Research Tool By Bing

Bing has a keyword research tool just like AdWords does. When you log into Bing, you can get to it by selecting ‘research keywords’ under Tools.

On the next screen, type in keywords that are related to your industry or niche. Keep in mind that you should use keywords that have an intent to purchase.

Also, you can refine the audience by choosing ‘advanced targeting options.’ You can select options, including the user’s language, device, and country. Generally, it’s wise to define your target audience as narrowly as you can. This saves you from wasting your budget on people who aren’t looking for what you’re selling. Once you have to narrowly targeted, you can make it broader later if needed.

Bing Ads also lets you look for keywords by putting in a URL. If you decide to do that, just put in your site’s home page URL. Bing will gather potential keywords from your index page.

After you’ve put in the search criteria, Bing Ad will give you various matching keywords, as well as information about how often each keyword was searched for in the last 30 days. It also will include how many clicks it got, CTR, and the average cost per click or CPC.

All of this information is vital, but CPC is the most important because it lets you know how much you will pay each time someone clicks your ad.

Always remember that narrow targeting works the best. You could see a keyword in the list you find that received 40,000 searches last month, but that isn’t always the best for what you sell. A keyword could only produce 1,000 searches in the previous 30 days, and that may give you a better ROI.

Using The Keyword Planner

Bing also has a Keyword Planner Tool that works like the tool in Google AdWords. If you’ve used this tool in AdWords, you will be able to learn how to use Bing’s keyword planner, too.

You just need to enter keywords with commercial intent, such as ‘buy gardening equipment.’ Then, click ‘Get Suggestions.’

The tool won’t just show you the matching keywords by default. Instead, it shows Ad Groups that can be helpful to find keywords that will be helpful in your campaign. Also, try clicking ‘Keyword Suggestions’ and look for information like what we discussed above.

Bing also shows a bar graph that indicates how many searches for that keyword over the last year.

Create a Bing Ad Campaign

You have some keywords that relate to your niche, so let’s start your campaign. Go back to the dashboard and choose ‘Create Your First Campaign.’ You’ll see a new screen pop up where you put in your campaign information.

You first need to give the campaign a name. Next, choose the time zone for your campaign; select the one where your target market lives. If your desired customers are national, just choose your own time zone.

Next, set up a campaign budget. This is the maximum you’ll spend during the time frame of your campaign. For instance, if you establish a budget of $20 per day, Bing Ads will stop your ads when you reach $20 for the day. Your advertisements will restart the next day when the amount you spend is back at $0.

The next step is to choose a language that you want your target market to speak and where you want to run your ads. Keep in mind that narrowing your target market is most effective.

How To Write Your Ads

After you provide your budget and targeting information, you need to write your ads. Bing Ads makes it simple to enter your ad test, but it’s the most challenging part of setting up a campaign. The reason is that some ad copy sells and some don’t. You need to write ad copy that will get people to click your ad, and not everyone is skilled in this area.

If you don’t think you can write excellent ad copy, think about bringing someone on board who can do it for you. You’ll need to spend more money, but you’ll probably throw cash down the toilet with wasted clicks if you write ineffective ads.

Your advertisement copy has two parts: the title and text. You have character limits for both, so you need to say it all in a few words; this is why it’s often intelligent to hire a professional  Microsoft advertising writer to help you.

The title for the advertisement will stand out in bolder, larger letters. This is where you grab the reader’s attention.

The text for the ad explains what you said in the title in better detail. The idea is to make people click the link to your website.

Keywords, Bids, and Match Types

After your write your advertisements, you need to select the keywords for each advertisement. The good news is you did research on your keywords already. You just need to type or paste the keywords in the appropriate field. Next, click the ‘Add’ button.

Also, Bing Ads has options to see how the keyword you chose matches what people search for. Here are your options:

– Broad Match: You search for queries with the keyword you chose or concepts based on that keyword.

– Phrase Match: Search for consumer queries that have identical words that are in your keyword, in that exact order, even if there are other words used.

– Broad Match Modifier: Variations of the keyword that are based on the modifier you give. For instance, if you type “+blue car” are your keyword, Bing Ads provides matches for “blue car” and “blue automobile” but not for “red car.”

– Exact Match: Look for queries that match your keyword exactly.

– Negative Match: Look for queries that do not trigger your ad.

For people new to the PPC game, “Exact Match” is often your best choice. You won’t get as many clicks, but you won’t pay for clicks that don’t help your profits.

Note that different match types may cost you various amounts for each click. So, keep an eye on your cost-per-click.

When you type in a keyword, you also can bid a certain amount for that word. The good news is Bing offers a suggested bid amount to guide you.

You may bid lower than what Bing suggests, but your advertisement might not show up much, if at all. If you put in a higher bid, your advertisement will appear more, but you’ll have a lower ROI.

You also can choose where you want your advertisement to show up. The more you show your advertising, the more cash you’re spending. This is all about supply and demand.

More Bing Ads Settings

After you choose your keywords, you need to select several other settings. The first thing is ‘Advanced Targeting Options.’ You can establish your demographic information and set a schedule for your advertisements.

Depending on your offer’s products and services, think about running your advertisement when it isn’t 8-5 in your time zone. Why? People looking at the Internet at work probably won’t pull out their debit card and buy something in their cubicle.

Instead, market to consumers when they’re not at work, after 5 PM, and on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, this all depends on your business and niche.

You also can choose where you want advertisements to run. You could run them only on Microsoft-owned websites. Or, maybe you want them to show up on search partner sites, too. This is something to experiment with over time.

When you’ve finished with these settings, click ‘Save and Add Payment.’

Be Patient

When you start your ad campaign, there is a temptation to check the status after an hour or two. Don’t be shocked if you don’t see anything happen.

It can take as long as a day for Bing Ads to updated its ad stats. You should wait for a day before you check. Even after a day, you probably will not get a decent overview of the performance of your ad. Give it a few days to see how Internet browsers respond.

After you give it time, you should run ad tests. Run a few different advertisements with other copy to see which provides you with the best click-through ratio. And run promotions with varying targeting methods to find out the audience that gives you the ideal ROI.

Remember that every PPC campaign needs testing after you have a solid results sample. You should run tests to see what works best. Also, you need to see what doesn’t work at all.

You may find over a few months that you should add some negative keywords. Those are the words that will make your ad NOT appear. It’s normal to have at least three negative keywords for every advertising campaign.

Get Started Today!

If you have the cash to put into online ads, you should use microsoft Ads. You’ll find people who don’t use Google for their searches. Also, you can target the audience by demographics and keywords to define your niche more effectively.

We recommend Bing Ads to get to people that you haven’t been able to contact, so try a campaign today.

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