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Were you drawn to PPC ads by the potential to generate massive leads and sales only to be disappointed by real-world results? PPC ads can be powerful, but if you’re not getting audit results, you’re missing the mark somewhere.

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Skyrocket your PPC conversions with a free PPC audit​

If your PPC ad campaigns aren’t doing as well as you’d hoped, it’s not your fault. You don’t know what you don’t know. The good news is, a free PPC audit can tell you exactly what you don’t know. Our free PPC internal audit will help you identify and resolve the issues limiting the true potential of your campaigns. Did we mention it’s free?

Request your free PPC audit right now

We love performing PPC audits, and since each audit requires time and energy, we only perform financial audits process and financial reporting for companies/publicly traded companies with a minimum monthly ad spend of $xxx. If your organization meets this legal requirement, contact us now and let’s get started!

What is a PPC audit?

A PPC audit evaluates the performance of your PPC advertising campaigns and delivers actionable feedback for improving results.

How we’ll perform your free PPC audit

First, our audit conducted team will assess your organization’s PPC ad campaigns across various channels like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Next, our team of professionals will formulate actionable recommendations you can use to improve your results.

What’s included in your free PPC audit from

You’ll get plenty of value with your free PPC energy audit, including:

Our recommendations will include ways to improve your ad copy and visuals, suggestions for reaching more of your market, recommendations for which main types of ads to use (and which ad types to skip), feedback on your ad groups, and feedback on your bidding strategy.

Why you shouldn’t wait to get a free PPC audit

If your goal is to use PPC ads to increase sales and leads, a free PPC and statutory audit will help you get those results faster. Each month you spend money on paid advertising without an optimal tax return, you’re pushing that increased income further away.

Don’t let your competitors dominate the paid search scene. Partner with us for a free PPC audit/external audit and find out what you can do to meet and even surpass your competition. There are always ways to improve your campaigns and it helps to have a fresh pair of expert eyes analyze your current situation.

How a PPC audit will help your business

Getting a PPC audit will benefit your business in 3 key ways.

1. You’ll get free expert advice

Advice is a dime a dozen on the internet. Expert advice, however, isn’t so easy to find external auditors/consultant auditors/external auditors. When you get a free PPC audit from, you can rest assured that you’re getting advice from true PPC experts with extensive marketing and advertising backgrounds.

2. You’ll get valuable recommendations

If your PPC campaigns aren’t working, you might be willing to try just about anything to get results. However, before you scour the internet to follow any advice you can find, get a free PPC audit/internal audits first.

We’ll tailor our recommendations to your specific industry and all advice will be based on a thorough analysis of your existing campaigns.

3. You’ll improve your PPC ROI when you apply the feedback you’re given

When you apply the actionable feedback we provide, you’ll improve your PPC ROI. We’ll specifically look for ways you can improve your PPC ROI and provide feedback you can apply immediately.

Once you improve your PPC ROI, the effects will trickle down to make a positive impact on your conversions, sales, leads, and can even reduce your cost-per-click (CPC).

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Reviving underperforming campaigns begins with a PPC audit

The longer you allow your paid search campaigns to dwindle, the more money you’re losing. You can revive your underperforming paid search campaigns by starting with a free PPC audit from Contact us today to get started!

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