Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

An overwhelming majority of first-time visitors to your website from search engines won’t buy your product or give you their email address. It’s not your fault — a 2017 study revealed 92% of first-time visitors aren’t even looking to buy.

Even if you’re not running active paid Google Ads, you should still consider remarketing services using the Google Display Network. 

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

You can recover those previous visitors with remarketing and turn them into paying customers with a small amount of ad spend. In fact, to create a profitable, scalable business, remarketing isn’t just helpful — it’s essential.

Remarketing keeps potential leads inside your marketing funnel

In a perfect world all visitors would become customers on the first visit. In reality, most first-time visitors are wandering aimlessly around the internet, comparing features and prices and aren’t ready to buy.

You’re probably focused on pursuing high quality leads that are ready to buy. After all, those leads are highly valuable. However, all those wandering first-time visitors become valuable when you bring them back to your website with remarketing.

Remarketing, also called retargeting, is your key to skyrocketing sales

A strategic retargeting campaign brings wandering leads back to your site and gently nudges them through your sales funnel with the perfect ad until they convert. This is accomplished by earning their trust over time through delivering useful content like educational blog posts, webinars, and follow-up emails.

How retargeting works:

Remarketing displays customized ads to people who have previously visited your site. The ads are displayed on other websites those people visit across the internet, like Google and Facebook. These ads are different from the search ads you display with typical PPC campaigns.

Remarketing ads don’t target all of your previous visitors; they’re designed to target specific segments who have used search terms in the past and which are most likely to convert. Those specific segments are targeted with even more specific ads tailored for their demographics.

In other words, each segment you target will be presented with a slightly different ad customized to appeal to their specific wants and needs.

Retargeting works extremely well because it allows you to narrow down your advertising messages to reach people with highly customized marketing messages. Knowing this, it makes sense that retargeted ads get more clicks than standard display ads.

If you’re not using remarketing, you’re leaving money on the table in both your paid search and content marketing campaigns.

How we approach remarketing

Step 1: we’ll analyze your audience

It all starts with analyzing your audience. Not all of your previous website visitors will convert. We know how to identify the low hanging fruit — visitors who are more likely to buy if they come back to your custom landing pages.

Step 2: we’ll segment your audience

After analyzing your visitors, we’ll determine the best audience segments to target. We might find several distinct segments worth targeting and we’ll target each group uniquely

Step 3: we’ll design creative and effective ads

Once we know the specific audiences to target, we’ll design highly targeted ads and serve them to past visitors who are most likely to sign up for your email list, request more information through a web form, call you, or view a key landing page.

Step 4: we’ll bid on valuable audience segments

Just like a regular PPC ad campaign, we’ll bid on specific audience segments via digital marketing across various ad channels, including social media. If anyone has visited your website in the past, we’ll target previous visitors and they’ll see your customized ad.

What you get with our remarketing campaign management services

Monitoring and optimization

Throughout your campaign, we will continually monitor and optimize your text, search and shopping ads for maximum success.

We’ll track all conversions whether you’re aiming for sales, video views, or email signups, and report back to you on a regular basis

Strategy sessions

Although our team has plenty of experience in a variety of industries, every industry is unique and your input matters. We’ll conduct regular meetings with you to discuss your campaign and get your feedback. We’ll also share our ideas so we can work together to improve your campaign.

Landing page creation and optimization

We also offer landing page creation and optimization. Landing pages are essential for successful retargeting campaigns. Your custom retargeted ads must take users to a customized landing page that maintains continuity between the ad and the content delivered on the destination page.

You don’t want to send people back to your homepage with a remarketing ad. They’ve already seen your homepage. You need to give users content they haven’t seen, something that matches where they are on the customer journey. Not everyone will be in the same place.

Effective remarketing ads send people to content designed to educate, entertain, or close a sale. Each ad’s destination should be based on the target audience. You’ll have different ads for different segments of your audience and will need multiple, custom landing pages.

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