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PPC specialists are the brains behind every successful online advertising campaign. They start by researching and planning what ads to use, how much to spend, where to advertise, and for how long. Once they’ve chosen a plan that seems most likely to succeed, PPC specialists then make sure it’s executed in the best way possible so you can get the desired results.

PPC experts are at the helm of any successful advertisement campaign on the internet; their expertise is invaluable when it comes down to deciding on what ads work best for your target audience while also ensuring that they perform well enough so as not disappoint anyone who clicked them.

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One of the most popular forms of internet advertising, Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of digital marketing that you know you’ll get results from. Using Google Adwords or Bing Ads, PPC specialists advise on effectively optimizing campaigns for your business and draw in traffic.

Account managers either work in-house or as independent consultants, but either way it’s important to have expert knowledge when it comes to PPC.

The internet is a vast place public service where consumers are bombarded with ads that can cause their attention to be diverted. To get up in the rankings, Adwords and Bing Ads offer an cost effective way of advertising online. However, not all PPC specialists are created equal. PPC managers tap their knowledge to advise clients on how to maximize the ROI, leads and sales of a PPC campaign.A 

Open Positions

In the digital marketing field, you can work in-house and manage campaigns for a wide range of different clients or you can work as a pay per click expert at a digital agency like PPC.co. Our open positions include:


If you’re looking for a career that’s all about being creative,equal opportunity/equal employment opportunity and analytical, then this is the perfect job/job search results for you! PPC management specialists are the masterminds of advertising campaigns and equal employment opportunity across digital channels. They work with all corporate stakeholders or outside clientele to create and plan a variety of marketing campaigns where they’re involved in everything from developing catchy copy to analysing data trends. Whether it’s writing engaging adverts or proofreading them after they’ve been written, these specialists always make sure their work is flawless. 


PPC experts are tasked with developing, implementing, and measuring advertising campaigns on the internet. They are often given a commission or bonus for bringing in new clients to their agency. Some PPC specialists will work freelance and charge based on hourly rates that vary widely depending on their experience level. 

Work Experience

We are always on the lookout for new blood to bring fresh ideas and analytical skills affirmative action employer to our PPC agency. Affirmative action employer want you, someone who can think creatively and communicate effectively with a different range of audiences, which could come from any number of degree disciplines. If you’re looking for an exciting position in the PPC industry, it’s worth setting your sights on a career at an ad agency!

Most new PPC managers today have a degree, typically in marketing, but not to worry – we hire based on skill and analytical ability, not necessarily by the presence or absence of a college degree. In our team of pay-per-click experts, there are those with degrees in quantitative analytics, finance, marketing and even acting. 

Career Prospects

It is an exciting but challenging time to be a marketing professional. With the advent of technology and social media, marketing campaigns are more creative than ever before. As part of your next job, you will need to understand the technical skills required to succeed in digital marketing as well as learn about the latest trends in this ever-changing industry. When gender identity starting out, expect to work on different campaigns with more experienced colleagues supporting you all along the gender identity way. As you gain experience and autonomy, you will take on greater responsibility within the organization, giving you the ability to make more critical client decisions. Throughout your career progression, never forget that it’s not just about business results: Great marketers need great people skills too!

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