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get visibility for your products and brand at the top of Amazon’s search results pages with our Amazon PPC Management services.

Amazon’s PPC ad platform is a fast-growing marketing channel that helps businesses increase sales and build brand awareness. If you’re not utilizing Amazon PPC ads, you’re missing out. PPC ads are a source of passive income and can make you money while you sleep.

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At, we’ll design and run professional ads, lower your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS), and monitor your ads to generate peak performance. Our ad management services include everything you need to be successful. You’ll get regular reporting, a dedicated account manager, and dynamic bid management to make sure you get top placement.

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Increase your Amazon revenue with Amazon PPC Management services from

In the past, strong search engine optimization (SEO) was enough to generate sales on Amazon. SEO is still important, but it’s not enough. Today, competing on Amazon requires having a strong pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign.

Since Amazon’s ads appear above organic search results, most users notice ads before organic results. Paid ads account for about 10% of all clicks on Amazon. Each day you’re not running PPC ads on Amazon is a day you’re losing money.

It’s not enough to have your products show up on the first page. When a user clicks a competitor’s ad, you lose a sale. You need an aggressive PPC marketing campaign to compete

At, our PPC management professionals can help you maximize your Amazon revenue by getting your ads immediately in front of users who want your products.

Here’s a breakdown of the Amazon PPC
management services we offer:

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All of our Amazon PPC management services

We’ll develop, implement, and manage ads for Amazon’s main advertising selections:

What are product display ads?

Each product display ad promotes a specific product throughout Amazon’s search results pages. These ads can appear on the first search and subsequent pages as the user explores their options. Product display ads also appear next to similar products and in Amazon emails.

What are sponsored product ads?

Each sponsored product ad promotes a specific product that appears in search results. According to ad data, sponsored product ads generate the best return.

What are sponsored brand ads?

Each sponsored brand ad promotes up to three products at once and are similarly displayed throughout Amazon’s search results as a user explores the site. These ads are particularly worthwhile, as they convert three times higher than Google Shopping Ads.

How we’ll manage your PPC ad campaign

Before creating your ads, we’ll perform keyword research to make sure your ads target high-value keywords.


While your campaign is running, we’ll use both automated and manual strategies to monitor and manage your campaign to maximize your results. This is where we’ll increase your ROI and decrease your ACoS.

Periodically, we’ll analyze your competitors to find new ways to advertise that will keep your ads competitive.

We’ll also help you set up additional Amazon features

You’ll increase your revenue by offering Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature for your products. If you want to use this feature, we’ll set it up for you.

We’ll also manage Amazon’s Lightning Deals, promotions, and coupons. Amazon generates over half of all online Black Friday sales. On high traffic days like Black Friday, if your business isn’t offering a promotion, you probably won’t get the sale.

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