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The Restaurants & Bars PPC Management Company is a new kind of management agency. Our proprietary software helps you enter data that assists us with our advanced digital marketing strategies. We also complete keyword research to define what your business should be called online. With the power of our services, your online presence will grow as well as your bottom line!

Is the paid advertising for your restaurant or bar not generating the leads and sales that you hoped for? It beats driving around town pitching your business to everybody one by one like you were selling hot dogs at a baseball game.’s professional team will help you generate more revenue from your website and local business listings, ppc advertising by target audience with the right ppc ads, backed by years of experience in digital marketing Services.

Using Advanced PPC Strategies and its professionals have done the most work for some of the world’s biggest food brands. We now offer restaurant marketing services to medium-sized businesses to help with any aspect of online marketing, including SEO, PPC, content creation and social media.

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We are a specialist service provider working with groups ranging from global food brands to medium-sized businesses. Our team is dedicated to building long-lasting business relationships, which is why we always strive to offer the highest quality service.

Gain More Profit is a full-service restaurants & bars PPC management company, complete with team of industry specialists. Restaurants & Bars PPC Management Company has been helping and implementing restaurants & bars with PPC campaigns for over five years and uses a process to ensure business owners have the highest ROI possible on their campaign investment. Whether you are bidding on the local diner across the street or a national chain restaurant across the country, we know how to find and pull in new customers from the search results pages through targeted ads.

We’re a PPC agency passionate about your industry. Our account managers have worked on some really interesting projects to help online businesses with their marketing strategies.

Redefine Your Business

With a strong brand at its core and passion in its heart, Restaurants & Bars pay per click advertising Management Company strives to deliver quality services for all our clients. We are passionate about creating restaurant websites that shine online and we make sure they are visually engaging enough to garner the attention of our users.

We help businesses in the food and beverage industry–bars, restaurants, catering companies, and even food trucks–get found online by new customers through effective PPC management.


Improve Your Brand Visibility

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Technology is fast becoming an integral part of the restaurant and bar industry, with more and more businesses looking to invest in order to improve their overall online presence. We manage and optimise the AdWords accounts of your restaurant and bar, and generate more leads than a traditional Google Ads campaign, as we use different keywords for each location, allowing them to be matched with the right businesses.

Having taken on more than 100 new clients since we started, we already have a wide network of contacts immersed in the industry. Our friendly team of PPC experts have years of experience in the industry. We will work with you to reach your goals, and we make sure to educate you along the way.

You’re going to want to work with us if you’re looking for an experienced paid ads agency. The team is a group of marketing & analytics experts on a singular mission: to help restaurants & bars of all budgets & sizes attract more customers, increase sales, and increase profits through proven Pay-per-Click strategies.

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