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Furniture Store Case Study

From March 1 through August 24, 2021 we spent $158,748.26, producing the following in gross sales
$ 1000
Garnered (ROAS of 5x)
YoY of the same date range from the prior year, we achieved a conversion rate improvement of 56.16% and revenue increase of 66.84% from $474,912.92 to $792,345.54.
From April 1 to August 24, 2021 the company spent $139,988.85 and garnered $768,750.81, 5.5x ROAS (return on ad spend) with 77.47% increase in revenue YoY and conversion rate up 54.22%.
Included in this market report, you will find the following:

How did we manage to consistently drive 5x + return on Google Ad spend?

We drove traffic using a unique combination of Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and text-based ads all with a focus on geo-local targeting for the company’s brick and mortar shop. 
From March 1 - Sep 8 2021
$ 1000
Garnered (ROAS of 4.67x)
via SEM and spent $177,533.02.
From March 1 - Sep 8 2020 (when client was running it)
$ 1000
Garnered (ROAS of 3.4x)
via SEM and spent $156,429.28

Why Our PPC Management Works

Success is easy to measure in hind-sight, but real work is involved in achieving above-average ROAS

"Set it and forget it" not only does not work, it's unethical and unacceptable. The most successful campaigns, including the company's campaign required regular keyword research and campaign bid adjustments and A/B testing.

Results are always better after the first month or two. Once sufficient data and feedback are garnered, it is much easier to optimize and tweak.

You can't improve what you fail to measure. The online furniture store's PPC campaigns were not being well-tracked, measured and significantly lacked accountability. Measurement and accountability helps create large gains when you seek to improve.

The budget was robust. A sufficient budget is required to achieve necessary scale. Small budgets often fail to ever fully optimize because they fail to achieve the statistically significant data required to adequately target based on campaign budget constraints. This was not the case here.

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Key PPC Campaign Statistics

High-level industry size and growth statistics for the digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) industries.

futonland pay per click ppc
Multiple of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Revenue Growth
YoY Revenue Growth
PPC Revenue Gain
YoY revenue gain derived from PPC
Total PPC Based Revenue
Total revenue during length of the campaign derived solely from PPC
Conversion Improvement
Improvement in overall SEM conversions

Online Furniture Store Performance Overview

Google Analytics and Google Ads performance evidence 

ppc case study furniture store
ppc case study main
ppc case study 2
ppc case study

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