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What We Do

 PPC.co is a Google Ads Certified Partner that has developed a suite of cutting-edge technology that allows us to efficiently run campaigns across multiple platforms including search and display advertising. Our team of PPC ads experts creates keyword-driven and actionable strategies for our clients, working in tandem with them to optimize their online presence. We write keyword-driven and actionable PPC advertising strategies for our clients, working in tandem with them to optimize their online presence. Our team of experts is unparalleled in our industry, combining years of experience with a hands-on approach utilizing our proprietary methodologies and dynamic project management systems that ensure optimal results.

Display Ads

PPC.co specializes in display search advertising, which means we know how to effectively reach your target customers by advertising your brand online. We believe that every project and client deserves the attention it deserves, which is why we focus on one thing; successful tampa ppc services, implementation, and optimization to deliver a better ROI. Our mission is to develop and execute creative, smart, and cost-efficient display ads for your brand. PPC.co has assembled a team of digital marketing experts who are dedicated to developing and executing cost-efficient online advertising campaigns for your brand. With our expertise in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, PPC campaign, digital marketing services, PPC Service google AdWords,  online reputation management, and social media management, we help businesses reach their target markets through innovative display ad campaigns. Contact us today for a free quote!

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

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PPC.co is a remarketing and retargeting solution unlike any other. We help you market to your existing customers by showing ads to people who have visited your site but left without purchasing. That means if someone comes to your site, but doesn’t buy anything, you can run an ad on Facebook or Google that will appear when they look at their newsfeed or search for something else. This works a lot better than trying to sell something to someone who has never heard of your company before because they don’t trust you yet and aren’t motivated enough to buy. When people visit your website, you can continue to market to them on other websites and on their mobile phones. With PPC.co, you can remarket to specific page visitors using the last time they visited as a filter. As the leader in retargeting and remarketing, PPC.co can help you attract customers who are interested in your products and services into your sales funnel. Our technology makes it possible to deliver highly relevant advertising, which increases return-on-investment and your customer base.

About Us

 Ever wanted to learn how to advertise on Google Ads & bing ads ? Maybe you’re ready to take your social media marketing services to the next level, but aren’t sure how? The friendly and talented staff here at PPC.co are here to help you every step of the way. And with the backing of our training programs, case studies, competitive edge, and experience with over 1000 customers (see us here), you can trust that we’ll show you what makes display ads work for your brand.  When our clients choose us to manage their PPC campaign, they get a full-service provider committed to their success. We work with them to create keyword-driven and actionable pay-per-click strategies that drive leads. We also train our clients on how to optimize their online presence, not just for keywords, but for the entire customer journey— an insight we call campaign 360. We provide businesses with fully customized keyword-driven and actionable pay-per-click strategies that help them to create a substantial and measurable increase in website traffic. Our team of experts is strategically linked with you to ensure that all of your online goals are met.

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