Scottsdale PPC Management Services

What We Do is here to help you increase performance, reduce cost per acquisition and improve visibility across the search landscape. We offer both a self-service platform for advertisers seeking to manage their own PPC campaigns, and comprehensive campaign management in partnership with our team of strategists, analysts, account managers, and project managers. is a Google Certified Partner and has been providing PPC services since 2008. Our specialized team of PPC experts monitor PPC trends, perform a thorough analysis of client’s property, create strategic PPC plans, and track progress. We develop long-term strategies in order to increase our clients’ visibility by using the most impactful ad strategies available on Google and other search engines.

Display Ads is a group of top-tier marketing experts working together to develop, manage and execute display advertising campaigns for your brand. We leverage innovative technology, profound analytics, and the world’s largest marketing platforms to give you an edge over your competition online. As a dedicated team with decades of experience in the disciplines that matter most today, we are able to utilize advanced technologies such as automated bidding, behavioral targeting, conversion optimization, and more. With you will maintain complete control of your accounts while enjoying more timely reporting and deeper insights than ever before. Our mission is to develop and execute creative, smart, and cost-efficient display advertising campaigns tailored to your specific needs. We will work with you one-on-one to provide a service that brings big results. As a company, we are committed to growth through continuous education. We take pride in our work and offer valuable results at affordable prices.

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services allows you to create, manage and optimize retargeting and remarketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Target users who have visited your site to increase conversions on your site or to create brand awareness by reaching out to visitors who are not converting. We use the latest in browser fingerprinting technology which allows us to reach users of both desktop and mobile devices. Reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase the lifetime value of customers using – a platform that allows you to run social media retargeting and remarketing ads to people who have been on your site. We specialize in fast-growing markets where there is a high demand for both consumers and advertising space, such as Travel, eCommerce, Games, Health & Beauty, and Fashion. Our campaigns have a historical average Cost Per Click (CPC) lower than most other networks. automatically creates ads that are personalized by data from your site which is collected by an app they’ve developed. You can create multiple variations of these ads based on time of day or post-interaction for example. And the really great part is that you can target these ads to people who have been on your site with their retargeting tool.

About Us is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based PPC company that provides guaranteed results to our clients and ensures that no other company can deliver better pricing, faster implementation times, and greater expertise. Save your time and budget with a proven track record on its client portfolio. We can guarantee this because we are a different kind of PPC company. Unlike many others in this space, we don’t outsource our work to either the lowest bidder or people who “just got into SEO/PPC.” Instead, we build all of our campaigns from the ground up with an in-house team, who work directly for our clients — guaranteeing quality results. Our team members have gone through rigorous training and hold certifications in various relevant fields.