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Connecting digital marketing strategy and performance, PPC.co can strategize and execute the best return on investment for your website. Helping you achieve long-term growth to put more into what’s important: customer service, quality products, developing new technologies.

You’ve launched your business; now you need tools to help it grow. That means an experienced digital marketing agency like PPC.co who can run campaigns on the most productive platforms for getting traffic and bringing in leads. Our tailor-made plans helps keep everything within your set timeline and pricing — customized to flawlessly fit what you do best: running a business. With experts at our finger tips, we know the right platform, campaign structures, and keywords for successful web design.

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Google Ads gives business owners the tools to push targeted visitors to your site with a PPC model. This means you’re paying the search giant for some of the traffic that comes to your site. 

The value proposition of pay-per-click is there is an almost endless number of ways to target prospects. You have 100% control of your costs. Knowing the most effective ways to target your prospects at the best price can be all the difference between effective advertising and a money pit.

Our company can help you with your Google Ads PPC management in these ways:

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Paid Search

PPC.co`s approach to PPC marketing is different. When you choose our paid search agency, we’ll provide keyword research and testing that builds links between your business and a potential customer. Location-based ads bring customers close enough to explore your store or restaurant front door! We also offer high-ROI web design services from mobile websites to email newsletters: targeted, localized traffic is just an online press release away.

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Lead Generation

PPC.co is an analytics-driven lead generation platform that makes generating leads easier, quicker and more profitable for the customer. We don`t just generate more leads – we also improve the quality of your leads by implementing our call tracking feature to help you easily analyze PPC marketing efforts. Our PLP (profit-driven strategy) takes longer to convert than other types of marketing initiatives, and we take this into account with shorter tail campaigns designed specifically around your business’s needs. Whether you want quick results or long-term growth potential – We have something for you!

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Paid Social

PPC.co is designed to create a multi-faceted, profitable paid social strategy. We will make sure your content changes with the times and that you are targeting potential customers in the most efficient way possible using all of today’s most popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The whole team looks forward to working with you!

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Profit-Driven Digital Marketing

PPC.co  provides you with an updated, dynamic PPC solution which includes vital metrics for your business’ growth: cost-per-profit and profit margin stats. Put ads to work so that they make money—not just traffic!

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PPC Management You Can Trust

The team is made up of UX and SEO analysts with industry-leading experience that drive measurable results for all types of businesses. Our team delivers expert recommendations through a variety of reporting methods to increase the conversion rates, rank better in search engines, and build trust for your brand name.

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Transparency, Integrity, and Accountability

PPC.co is a software company with a diverse clientele and rich experience utilizing many of today’s best, proven, in-demand marketing strategies that are tested and proven to increase both the revenue and profitability of our clients. We steadfastly offer our clients transparency, honesty, accountability for every project we undertake to ensure that they are better equipped when it comes time to climb their proverbial mountain.

Your company got started with a vision, but now it’s time to build on that and make it into something concrete. When you need the help of an agency who knows what they’re doing in regards to online marketing, social media management, web design, SEO, content creation and high-end development work–you come speak to us. As your business grows–so will our abilities to handle everything from A-Z efforts (or any letter of your choosing).

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