Lexington PPC Management Services

If you’re looking to grow your business online, then let us help. Our PPC agency offers professional Lexington City Google Ads services designed to help your company grow. From start-up businesses to established brands, PPC provides the expertise necessary to help your business take off. 

What We Do

Websites that perform well in today’s competitive markets need an online PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising agency to make them a top-performer. Our Lexington City PPC marketing specialists, with over 100 years of combined experience, will help you in optimizing your website’s performance in search engines with improved Google Ads campaigns, provided by our Google certified team members. We’re a digital marketing agency in Lexington City dedicated to putting your business first. Our team of certified Google Ads PPC professionals will work with you to create, execute and manage a successful online marketing strategy. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction – we deliver results. We live in a digital-first world where the connection is important. We help you accomplish your business and marketing goals by bringing the digital world to your doorstep, and by finding ways to create genuine connections with your potential customers. Let our team of Google Certified PPC experts start working for you today! 

Display Ads

With more than 20 million impressions run monthly for less than $5 a day, you’re sure to maximize your display advertising dollars. Whether you’re a large company or a mom-and-pop shop, we strive to make the process of bidding on keywords simple and cost-effective. If you’re tired of paying through the nose for ad space, give us a try and we’ll prove that you can run effective ads without spending a fortune on them. We will have your ads running across all major networks in a matter of days. No long-term contracts, just the highest CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) and top-notch service in the industry. With over a decade of experience managing some of the most prominent ad campaigns on the web, our team is as creative as they come. It’s time to be more targeted with desktop ads today.

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

Want To Retarget Your Customers? Maybe you’re advertising an event, or selling a product that has a short lifespan. When people visit your website, you want them to remember who you are. Or if they visited recently, you want to remind them that you are still there and provide more information about your services/products. PPC.co can create high-impact display advertisements to show your ads to customers after they’ve visited your store or website.  This is the next generation of Retargeting and Remarketing PPC Company. This is because of our advanced technology that helps businesses reach the right audience. We make use of many strategies to make sure that your ads are shown to the right people at the time when they are most likely to respond. We have helped thousands of customers and now we can help you too! It’s time for you to earn more traffic & leads to your website. A retargeting campaign is a very useful online marketing campaign that helps store owners Google Ads, to attract more customers through search retargeting. PPC.co developed its retargeting campaign to target people using search terms related to a specific product or service.

About Us

Open your door to the world of PPC marketing with our professional Lexington City search engine optimization and design company. Our experienced experts are obsessed with helping you grow your business and brand online, at an affordable online marketing cost per click. PPC.co is an Google Ads PPC Agency that has helped over 50 companies in Lexington, KY (and surrounding areas) grow their brand online by improving their PPC ads. A dedicated team that has helped hundreds of businesses grow since 2008.
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