Kansas City PPC Management Services

There are many PPC agencies out there but there is only one PPC.co in Kansas City. We have been helping businesses from all over the United States reduce costs, improve conversions and increase leads since 2008 and we are here to help your business grow online. We’re a digital marketing agency specializing in PPC management, that has been delivering results for businesses and helping them grow from all over the United States. We have an in-depth understanding of how PPC can benefit your business.

What We Do

Our Kansas City PPC Agency can help you with Google Ads management, Pay Per Click Management in KC, PPC advertising in KS, Google Ads specialists, Google analytics specialists, and Google local business marketing to grow your business. Our ads have been implemented for hundreds of small businesses ranging from retailers to professional providers. We have been doing PPC for over a decade and we are incredibly passionate about it. Our team has a combined 20+ years of Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads experience. In addition to traditional search engine optimizations, we also specialize in Local SEO. With offices in Kansas City, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, and New York we service customers from all over the country.

Display Ads

If you want cost-effective display ads in a wide variety of formats, look no further. PPC.co gives you the creativity and dedication of a larger agency with budget-friendly pricing. With video, display, social media, and mobile advertising, we can run a successful campaign for any business. PPC.co helps advertisers increase leads, sales, and customers with PPC marketing services. They have a team of creative and professional PPC managers who create effective display advertising campaigns for their clients. Giving them an advantage over other agencies and companies. With a focus on SEO, PPC.co offers high-quality display advertising at an affordable price. By specializing in only Display Advertising we’ve been able to achieve the highest click-through rates and ROI possible for our clients. If you’re looking for the best in display ads, contact us today!

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

These are called remarketing campaigns. Re-targeting is when you market to someone who is not looking for you now, but maybe they looked at your product or service in the past.  Your site visitor has seen your page, but you’re not done with them yet. We have seen Google Analytics campaigns of over 7 figures in sales generated by remarketing. Retargeting is a channel that has continued to grow year over year for us and works especially well with the CPA model because we are not abandoning anyone in the sales pipeline. Through our retargeting, we can also capture additional email addresses from site visitors at every stage of the funnel, including people who may have never checked out on our site. Our retargeting campaign may show your ads for a quick 10 minutes to the visitor before showing your sales, or any other remarketing campaign that you have set up. The idea is to create a reminder about the product right when they are most interested in purchasing and less likely to be distracted. The goal here is to encourage purchase through a discount or promotion. It is an opportunity not only to re-engage with purchasers but also to draw in new folks who’ve been to your site and haven’t purchased. Our retargeting feature is also great for advertisers looking for the best ad performance per cost as their campaign won’t stop even if it’s close to your daily budget. Our retargeting campaign strategy will deliver you even better results than our standard remarketing ad (the one with your product pictures from your website) since this ad is customized specifically for your store.

About Us

PPC.co is the largest, most reputable, and award-winning PPC agency in Kansas City. Established in 2008, we offer clients a full suite of PPC services including local, national, and international advertising. We’ve helped businesses from all over the United States reduce costs, improve conversions and increase leads, and we’d love to work with you. We specialize in Pay-per-click management services. We are a full-service PPC agency in Kansas City focused on helping businesses grow. PPC can be complex, but we simplify the process to help you spend more of your time growing your business.
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