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When it comes to online gun and firearms sales, you need expertise. is a leader in the gun and firearms industry.

At PPC .co, we’ve got your back. We specialize in designing, optimizing, and managing accounts for all types of gun and firearms related businesses. Our team is comprised of experts with decades of combined experience.

Guns & Firearms PPC Management Company

Our team at Guns & Firearms PPC Management Company is your one-stop-shop for selling a collection. From tailored marketing strategies to dealing with auction intricacies, we’ve got it all covered! We also offer valued advice on every aspect of your business operation.

If you need help with Google ads and keyword analysis – look no further! Our seasoned SEO experts will prepare an in-depth report that pinpoints the exact steps required for progress.

Working hand-in-hand regularly with online sales heavyweights like Google, Bing, and Yahoo has given us a proven track record in executing outstanding pay-per-click campaigns. Our expertise extends beyond simple conversion analysis; our promotional services have greatly benefited gun retailers, distributors as well manufacturers sporting goods stores, and suppliers too!

As part of this platter of offerings tinkered towards success – rest assured knowing any complications involved regarding running a successful PPC campaign are very much taken care of by us brushing everything else aside.

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Make Attractive Advertisements

We’re fluent in algorithm-talk, and we don’t rest until your business is gaining momentum. We get how major search engines tick.

At, our goal is beyond just enhancing website traffic for funeral directors – it’s about connecting with new families on a deeper level. Using everything from hardware to software solutions, we strive to fill the void between you and your market audience.

Our secret sauce? It boils down to delivering laser-focused strategies that escalate growth but also ROI significantly. The focus rests on designing Google ads campaigns which help construct a strong online reputation for your brand incidentally benefiting organic traffic as well.

Consider us the one-stop shop offering up all vital services needed for effective results; right from penning engaging copy through managing bids effectively under ‘Google Adwords’.

Even if yours’ happens to be an off-beat industry (say Gun shop?), worry not! We’ve got rich media practices handy helping elevate sales via Pay-Per-Click accounts.

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Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns

Our specialized account managers partnered with our proactive support staff are here to meet your PPC requirements. They provide a custom-built back office and multi-channel reporting, tracking over 20 metrics at once.

We have expertise in firearms and an unmatched passion for all things related to guns. Our Google certified team members excel at creating the buzz needed on platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing targeting potential customers specifically interested in this field.

PPC Management is a serious business that we don’t take lightly. Developed by industry veterans using advanced tech features offering you brand recognition among your target audience, it aligns with your business goals resulting from years of industry experience. You can rely on us to achieve more customer traffic while seamlessly attaining maximum ROI through pay-per-click campaigns.

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Display Your Goods

Count on us to get the spotlight shining your way! We’ve got experience when it comes to helping businesses, particularly those associated with guns and firearms. These websites don’t go unnoticed – they pop!

Our team takes care of you right from account managers to support staff members, we’re there for every step. Plus, expect detailed reports anytime.

But what makes our back office special? It’s tailor-made just for your needs.

Why pick Guns & Firearms PPC Management Company specifically?

Well simply put…we are like you- enthusiasts in this field (men or women) who speak ‘gun language’ fluently all because of one thing: a shared passion!

We also boast pioneering technology that allows managing PPC campaigns across various social media platforms as well as search engines becomes super effective!

When talking about specific perks though such as “search engine optimization” which helps drive more visibility online; techniques linked explicitly with running a successful PPC campaign allow the target audience to reach a wider geography seamlessly ensuring “more customers”.


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Let Us Do The Work For You is the leading gun and firearms PPC management company in the industry. From our humble beginnings in 2010 through to today, we have continued to grow by respecting the old-fashioned ways of business while embracing new-age technology.

We believe that effective PPC management requires a dedicated and personal touch. Which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their campaigns. Our commitment to customer service ensures accountability and keeps you confident that your dollars are being spent wisely.

We’ll tell you straight up about your campaign and give you advice based on six years of experience in the industry. Drop us a line or give us a call today!

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