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Nowadays, the things that separate a business from its competitors are its marketing strategies. Good Google Ads campaigns and adverts are now rewarded with a high volume of profit. If you’re looking for PPC services & targeted inbound marketing services that are guaranteed to increase your sales, then Fresno PPC is the right choice for you.

In the online marketing industry, search traffic through Google stands as one of the most effective traffic sources for advertisers. Our clients often turn to us when they’ve exhausted other forms of advertising and need a more targeted, efficient, and fast way to reach new customers online.

What We Do

Are you looking for the best Google Ads agency in Fresno, California? Not sure who to call or who to trust? Contact Fresno-based Alpha-Bridge Media & Marketing today. They will help you develop and improve your PPC campaigns using proven methods that provide efficient results. This includes setting up your business on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Local. By utilizing the best PPC services, you’ll extend your reach, drive more traffic to your site and make more sales. 

Display Ads

Whether you’re a small business or just starting out, look no further for the best PPC agency in Fresno. Our ROI-focused display advertising management services will help your brand gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. With digital marketing trends on the rise, there’s no better time than now to invest in online marketing today. Understanding how to leverage the power of Pay-Per-Click campaigns (paid ads) can help you achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). With the most affordable display ad services available in Fresno, Fresno display advertising agency provides solutions to every budget. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to increase their search engines visibility and maximize returns on investment.

From local weather to digital marketing, you’re in control of your online visibility. From creating highly targeted campaigns to managing ad placement on leading publisher platforms, our team’s Paid advertising management services ensure that your brand is seen 24/7 by millions of internet users searching online just like you.

Retargeting Ads & Remarketing Ads Management Services

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The truth is, most businesses aren’t doing these two things. People are seeing your ads, but not clicking through them. With remarketing and retargeting, you’re tapping into a massive audience of people interested in your products. Our team specializes in digital marketing; we’ve had excellent results lately with our retargeting campaigns. We’ve recently added a new pay-per-click advertising service, AdRoll, which is a revolutionary advertising methodology and allows us to bring much more traffic to our clients’ sites.

We don’t spend our time messing with budget or traffic. You can work with us for all of your search business marketing needs. We can provide you with both a retargeting campaign and remarketing campaign. Having these two systems working together in unison is the key to success for your website. While they may seem similar, they should never be treated as such. When developing the best Fresno PPC agency, we understand that there are many factors that need to come together to achieve optimal performance. Both campaigns need to be designed and managed using sound practices in order to be successful. 

About Us offers highly effective and experienced reputation management services for local businesses in the Fresno, California area. Since 2010, we have been helping local businesses improve their search engine rankings on Google by creating highly targeted and relevant Pay Per Click advertisements, social media marketing, driving more traffic to their website, and increasing sales. is one of the top PPC agencies in Fresno, CA.

We specialize in pay-per-click management to help drive traffic to your website. Our PPC services include SEO, search engine optimization, strategic keyword analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, Google Ads and Bing Ad management, and retargeting across all major networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Networks, and more.

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